Top 5 pages with drawn illustrations for your website

When looking for suitable illustrations for an app or website, it is by no means necessary to buy only paid packages. Generally, there are also many websites that offer their illustrations for free. In many cases, it is sufficient to mention the artists or optionally leave a small donation. We have fought our way through the jungle of the designer world and compiled 5 illustration websites for you. 


Undraw is a platform launched in 2017 by Katerina Limpitsouni to enable beautiful design skills for all.  The platform has grown unexpectedly and is used by organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Harvard Business School. Images can be scaled without losing quality, making them not only retina-ready but also future-proof. Easily combine dozens of SVG images with a tiny file size, without worrying about speed, and with the ability to embed them to minimize requests, for lightning fast load times. With customizable colors, objects that can be combined and changed to create exciting new images, and a design style that balances art and technology to future-proof your designs. The good thing is - you can use the illustrations in any project, commercial or personal, with no attribution and no cost.

Paper Illustrations

This team is building the next-generation Design Resource Marketplace that makes creative assets easily accessible to individuals and businesses through its innovative tools like plugins and apps. Here you will find an incredible set of paper illustrations, absolutely free for personal and commercial use. The set consists of 20 carefully designed illustrations for use in different categories. So you can use them on landing pages, for user onboarding or on mobile apps.

Open Doodles by Pablo Stanley

Open Doodles is a free set of illustrations that embody the idea of Open Design. You can copy, edit, remix, share or redraw these images for any purpose, with no copyright or database rights restrictions (CC0 license). Open Doodles is a project by Pablo Stanley, the master of illustrations himself.A few of these doodles are direct scans of sketches drawn during a small recreational break or meeting. All the rest were first sketched on an iPad using Procreate, vectorized in Illustrator, made into a library of global styles in Sketch, and then exported as SVG and PNG. You can download the individual assets and source files on Dropbox.

Lottiefiles the revolution of illustations

Lottie is named after Charlotte 'Lotte' Reiniger, the German film director and leading pioneer of Silhouette animation. LottieFiles is a platform for testing, collaborating and discovering animations, primarily aimed at a community of animators, designers, developers and engineers. The platform provides a set of tools and features aimed at making the discovery, creation, and implementation of Lottie animations easier and more efficient. You can basically use Lotties on any platform: Web or Mobile. This means you can seamlessly integrate them into both apps and websites. Lottie animations can even be used as stickers on messaging platforms. They're not technically limited to web and mobile. You can also use them on desktop apps as well as on some watches.


Hand-drawn vector illustrations and icon resources, perfect for your next project, updated weekly. Companies like Google, Amazon or Typeform trust this tool. DrawKit grants you a non-exclusive, worldwide license to download, copy, modify and use icons and illustrations for free for commercial and non-commercial purposes.  All icons and illustrations on DrawKit are available for free for commercial and non-commercial purposes and within print and digital products.

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