No Code Tools

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What is the NocodeClub Toolkit?

The NocdeClub Toolkit is a freely accessible online directory where you can usually find no-code or low-code third-party tools. Usually, all programs require little or no programming knowledge to use. Our directory is sorted by categories. For example, the category "App Builder" or "Illustrations". So in each category there are such tools that we think could be considered. They are always listed with company name, a short description, a logo and the URL to the target page. Not all, but some URLs are provided with an affiliate link. Of course, they are completely free for website visitors to use.

What are no-code tools or low-code tools in general?

A no-code tool is a web app, software or even resource that allows users to create complex apps or websites without deep technical knowledge. The aforementioned products can also help make processes and workflows more efficient or businesses more visually appealing.For us, there is no precise definition of when a resource can be called a no-code tool. But as a rule of thumb, we can say, "If the application doesn't require programming skills, such as Java Script or Python, then it counts as a no-code tool."

How often is the directory updated?

We try to update the directory constantly. Therefore, the most up-to-date list is our freely available Google Sheet.

What to do if an application that you know is not present here.

If you know of programs that should be included in our directory, please don't hesitate to contact us. Even if it is your product or from other companies. Inclusion in the directory is free of charge.